Creative Products 16

1. 30 Websites to Lose Yourself Into

The link gives a list of all the websites to go to. I thought all of these websites were really creative because they were unique and entertaining. I even thought some of them were useful such as the Noisli because it generates background noise to help you study/focus on a task.

2. LIFX Light Bulb

I thought this light bulb was really cool because it is a multi-colored LED smart bulb that can change from the tip of your smartphone. Now, you don’t have to turn a light off from a light switch; you just need your smartphone!



3. Hovding: Airbag for Cyclists

I thought this was a creative solution for wearing a bike helmet–one that can’t be seen until you fall. I don’t wear bike helmets anymore simply because I don’t like how they look…they look silly even though I know they do have a safety purpose. I would definitely wear a Hovding if I got ahold of one. These even look stylish for men and women!

Komplett-SO-Mr_S Komplett-CC-mr_S


4. Iota- Folding Toilet

This new toilet design is really neat because it not only saves water when flushing, but also saves space because it can fold in itself. Pretty neat!

5. Ooho

This concept is really cool because it is a possible alternative to plastic bottles for water. This concept uses a membrane of algae to enclose the water. I would love to see this become a reality in the near future.

img_5_1381876865_c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b img_2_1381876865_1679091c5a880faf6fb5e6087eb1b2dc


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