Creative Products 14

1. Plastic Cleaning Ship

I thought this concept was a creative solution for cleaning up the ocean. I am really passionate about ‘going green’ and reducing/recycling our materials, so I think this teenager is on the right path to try to help out this global problem. This ship would collect all the plastic in the ocean and then be recycled.



2. Quit Your Job Advertisement

These advertisements are really creative because they are novel and are eye-catching. They also have an edge of humor, which always makes everything more delightful. These advertisements are saying that life’s too short to work at a job you hate: quit that job and do something you love. The photographs for each scene convey that message perfectly in a humorous way.



3. 3D Nail Portraits

I decided to post this link because I’ve never really seen people create 3D portraits of people. Using various colored nails is a clever way to accomplish this.



4. Pocket Sized Printer

This mini printer is such a creative product! I like how small and portable it is because I always run into the problem of needing a document printed in a short time with no printer around me. With this pocked-sized printer, that problem would definitely be solved. I think this product has a lot of potential for the future market. 


5. Creative Sketchings

I am a big fan of these sketchings, mostly because I love how abstract and expressive they are. I also think these drawings are really unique because of its attention to detail and the fact that my eye is constantly moving around the page to look at everything.



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