Creative Products 13

1. Animal Photography

I thought these photographs were creative because they actually incorporated a live animal into the photo shoot. The models were dressed up to resemble a fictional scene, like Little Red Riding Hood. These photos were very well done.

katerina-plotnikova-photography-4 katerina-plotnikova-photography-1


2. Skinniest House in the World

I thought this house was really creative because it is breaking boundaries and records! It is something new that no one has seen before. This house is constructed in Warsaw, Poland and is 47 inches wide. Poland doesn’t even consider this a building because of codes.

full_1348003099KeretHouse2 full_1348003072KeretHouse


3. Art Nouveau Mural

I’ve seen many wall murals, but this mural really strikes me. I find it to be very beautiful and eye catching, which is something I consider a creative quality. I can’t even imagine how long this took to get all the proportions correct, not even mentioning how much paint cans they had to go through!!

notredamedegrace08 notredamedegrace00


4. Anamorphic Drawings

These drawings are so creative and mind-bending! It is so fascinating to see a drawing turn into two different images. This is something I’ve never seen before. The artist draws a landscape or scene and then intentionally draws a ‘hidden’ face inside the landscape that can only be seen my a reflective cylinder.



5. Hula Hoop Dancing

I found this to be a new and creative way to use a hula hoop! This girl dances and spins around while relying on the inertia by the hula hoop. Click on the link to view the video.


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