Creative Products 12

1. Paper Art

I am really interested in origami and paper art, so I found all of these art pieces very creative. I can’t fathom how much time and intricate precision it takes to make any of these pieces of work. It’s so crazy to think that the possibilities are endless when making paper art.




2. Office Supplies Art

I thought this was really creative because it’s taking everyday office supply objects and turning them into pieces of art … pretty impressive!! The tips of pencils were turned into a starfish, and push pins were turned into flower art.


3. Toothpick Buildings

This is probably one of the most amazing sculptures I’ve ever seen!! It took 35 years for this sculpture of toothpicks to be completed… talk about dedication! I’m am honestly blown away by this because I don’t understand how everything is staying together. Click on the link to see a video.


4. Fun with Everyday Objects

Here’s another example of taking everyday objects and turning them into creative pieces of art. This time, food is used to create funny scenarios.



5. Creative Portraits

I found this website to be really helpful because it showed many ways to create creative portraits out of various mediums. Some materials I thought were really interesting were pop caps, cassette tape, tea, and stickers.



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