Creative Products 11

1. Mirror House

I am in love with this house. This is so creative because I’ve never seen anything like this. The mirrors reflecting the landscape make it seem as though the house is floating. I really like the simplicity of the form, because a complex house would probably take away from the beauty of reflection.



2. Shadow Art

This shadow art is so cool!! It is so creative to take garbage or well known objects and arranging them so that the shadow becomes an interesting form. My favorite one is the cat because I don’t understand how those wires can create a shadow that looks like a cat.





3. Paper Marbling

Click on the title link above to watch the video of paper marbling. I’ve seen paper marbling before but certainly not as good as this artist. It is also really mesmerizing to watch him create these pieces of work.

4. Sheep Herding Art

Here’s another video that you’ll have to click on the link in order to watch. This video is a MUST-WATCH because it is super entertaining. I think it’s creative because these artists place lights on sheep’s back and position them in the pasture to create fun works of art!!

5. Matt Moore Graphics

I am very fond of geometric shapes, especially triangles, so I found this artist’s work really fascinating. I also like how colorful and fun his designs are.



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