Creative Photography Project 1.2

*side note for how I’m organizing my progress*= the date when posted is not the exact date I worked on it… i did not have internet access during the time, so the number after the title (1.2) means Week 1, 2nd Post. I will continue this method throughout the week (there will always be two posts per week).

For the second post, I decided to freely sketch down anything that came to mind that could be of use for this project. As you can see in this photo, it is a jumbled mess but that is how my mind works during the creative process. I thought this was very divergent, yet very helpful because I can refer back to my thoughts and take snippets of ideas to piece together. Some of the things I wrote down consisted of places I could photo shoot, props, themes/metaphors, etc. I started to focus on a deeper meaning for my photos.





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