Creative Products 10

1. Key Hole

I thought this re-designed key hole was really creative because it solves a problem that I have almost every day. It is so hard to match up a skinny key into a hole. With a design like this, I will never miss the hole (even at night!)



2. Self-Stirring Pot

This self-stirring pot is genius!! The swirling shape of this design forces water to turn in a circular motion due to convection. Now, we won’t have to stir our pasta! Click on the link to watch the video.



3. Stair Ramp

This stair ramp is really neat because it can convert from stairs into a ramp for handicap accessibility. This is a really clever way to make use of multipurpose needs. The stairs are activated into a ramp by pressing on a pedal next to the bottom of the stairs.




4. Minimalist Legos

 I really like minimalism as well as legos, so I thought this would be a fun article to share! This artist used legos to create well-known cartoon characters, such as The Simpsons and Bert and Ernie. I thought it was creative, because it was fun for me to figure out what characters they were just by colors of the legos.




5. Going Solo Video

Click on the link to view the video. I thought this video was creative and humorous, because the artist used stop motion and typography to give us designers advice on how we can succeed in life.


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