Creative Products 9

1. Food Maps

I thought these food maps were really creative because it took the most popular foods that represented each state and arranged them in the shape of the state.




2. Norway Memorial Site

I thought this concept for a memorial site in Norway is really interesting because it completely splits an island in half. I really like the contrast between natural and industrial products.





3. Elephant Origami

This origami elephant is crazy!! I can’t believe this artist was able to create a gigantic elephant out of a single piece of paper. This is creative because I’ve never seen origami folded of this size.



4. Surrealist building

I am in love with this building! This ‘surreal-like’ building creates organic, biomorphic curves while designed as a disaster resistant building. I really like the concept of this design because it uses an industrial material (concrete) and makes it look like it’s folded and organic.



5. Egg Yolk Separator

I thought this egg yolk separator is so creative because it is so convenient for baking and other cooking needs. This was a really cute and clever idea to separate eggs.





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