Take Away Project 1

The intent of this project was to design a packaging solution out of cardboard for a variety of objects. For this project I chose six bottles of beer. I thought there could be lots of creative solutions for housing these bottles–also because my dad brews his own beer, so I thought it would be neat to possibly create a package for him. This photo shows the initial stages of my creative process. I used three different methods: Free Association (Taking a key word from the project statement (beer in this case) and writing down words that initially come to mind. I played this method with my roommates so I got a variety of words than my own), Journalistic Mapping (I answered the questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why, How related to packaging beer bottles), and Wish List (I wrote down things that I personally wanted accomplished in my package design). The method that helped me the best was Free Association, because through that I was able to choose a word that could inspire me throughout the rest of the project. I decided to choose Urchin, which ended being a great word. The word ‘urchin’ means mischief or rascal, which fits perfectly for someone who has drank a couple of beers. I also used the word ‘urbane’ as part of my label, meaning ‘sophisticated, worldly, and cultured’. I thought this was also fitting, because I wanted to design a package that only held the best of the best beer: hand-crafted, authentic, sophisticated beer. That is how I came up with my label: Urbane Urchin.



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