Creative Products 5

1. I thought this bracelet was really creative and has the potential for being very useful. I usually have a hard time remembering all of the various passwords I have, so with this heartbeat recognition bracelet I wouldn’t have to remember passwords anymore. Since everyone’s heartbeat is unique, no one else can enter  your account using the wristlet.



2. This garden in you apartment kitchen is really unique because it helps promote a healthy living that’s available for people that live in small spaces, such as an apartment. Growing plants is a natural air purifier as well as a cheaper option for buying produce in the long run. I thought this was creative because the amount of light, water, and other settings can be controlled by the user.


3. Here’s another creative solution for using wrist bands … this time the wrist band is used on the parent (or any guardian) as well as the baby. The Sikker is a bracelet that acts as baby monitor, radio, watch, and clock. It also takes note of the baby’s vital signs. I think this is a great idea for mothers, because I know how worried they can be when their new born is sleeping.



4. The Torggler door is one of the most creative doors I’ve ever seen. It’s creative because I’ve never seen a door system work like that. The hinges and rotations it uses are genius. Click on the link to get a better idea of what the door looks like and how it moves.


5. I thought these Data Visualization Maps were really creative. It’s interesting how one can make a map look eye-catching. The artist took information of jogging routes across several cities and used a Prismacolor marker to show where most people run. I really like how these maps turned out, due to line variation and attention to detail.



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