Creative Products 4

1. I thought these body-created drawings by Heather Hansen were really creative. I’m a dancer, and the fact that she used her body movement to create a piece of art-work with charcoal was very neat. It is so interesting how she was able to communicate gestural lines through her whole body.



2. The spaghetti measure by Joseph Joseph is a really creative cooking utensil because this is an item I have never seen before and really want. I always have an issue figuring out how much spaghetti to put in the pot of boiling water. I think this utensil would be really handy to determine the right amount of servings.


3. I think the light paintings are super cool. I’ve experimented with light painting before and had a really great experience with it. These paintings are really creative because it is interesting to see how they were able to create the United States through light.



4. These dot cityscapes are amazing! I can’t even imagine how much time and effort went into these art pieces because they look exactly like a night-time photo of a city scape. This is creative because it is neat to see someone use everyday materials and turn it into a masterpiece.



5. This temporary outdoor structure concept is absolutely stunning and creative. I can’t believe that this structure is made out of organic material such as mushrooms and corn. The crazy thing is that the whole structure is 100% compostable! I also like the idea that this structure can decompose. This form is also really unique.



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