Creative Products 3

(For future reference, all products are linked to the main website via its title)

1. I thought this Work Desk was really creative because it is a new way of storing items on your desk. I really like this idea because I know I always have a problem losing my items in desk drawers. This new desk makes sure that you can’t lose any of your items due to its unique fabric layers.



2. This Almighty Board is a really creative product because it incorporates many necessary tools for cooking into one smart board. This board can weigh food, display recipes, as well as telling you whether the food is contaminated or not. I thought this technology is so cool; how can a product determine if food is safe to eat?!



3. I thought these Infinite USB Ports were really creative because I thought this was a good solution for minimal space on the laptop. I tend to need to use several USB ports at one time, so I would love to companies using this technology on their products. I also think the color-coding mechanisms is a great way to determine which cord belongs to a certain device.



4. The Environmental Twist is a creative and unique way for packaging food because it redefines packaging on a whole new level. What I really appreciate about this design is that this product is environmentally friendly and can be microwaveable due to its silicone material.



5. After discovering these lamps by Calabarte, I am determined to buy one of them before I die. These lamps are so beautiful and creative due to its intricate detail and precision of craft. I’ve never seen lamps give off such unique shadows and light before. These products definitely give off an emotional attraction.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 6.01.00 PM

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