Creative Products 2

While finding creative products this past week, I’ve had a fun time exploring and discovering new websites that display inspiring products and services. Some of these websites include: DesignBoom, FastCo Design, Yanko, and DesignMilk.

1. This first product takes concept modeling to a whole new creative level. The 3Doodler is a pen that uses PLA plastic and allows you to draw in the air. This device reminds me of a hot glue gun but instead the plastic can cool instantly so that you can build upon your design in 3D. I think this device is really creative because it’s a tool that I’ve never seen before and it also allows the user to be creative as well.



2. I realize that drinking glasses are household items that have been around for a long time, but the reason I think these glasses are creative is because the interior forms of the glass have changed dramatically. I would love to drink out of one of these double-walled glasses because it gives a new experience to a mundane, everyday task.


3. Similar to the drinking glasses, I think that eye glasses can be lackluster and overlooked. Although these Helvetica and Garamond glasses are nothing new from glasses on the market now, I thought the process of taking a typeface and applying it to glasses was a creative approach. I think that people can still be creative when combining old products and making something new out of it. All people get their inspiration from some place, and this designer happened to be influenced by glasses and turning the form into a certain typeface.



4. Lately, I’ve been really interested in ‘green design’ and being environmentally conscious when designing products. When I saw this Urban Hotel, I got really excited to see this as a possibility for the future. Each capsule utilizes solar power as well as a rainwater recycling system to create an environmentally friendly stay. In addition, every room is provided with a bike to encourage traveling without emissions. I think this whole system is very creative because it really immerses the customer to be environmentally aware of their actions. I also think it is very creative to use a ‘reward’ incentive to bike in return for a deduction in rooming costs.



5. The final creative product is the Braun SK 61. This is a record player radio created by Dieter Rams. Not only do I think the product is creative, but I also believe that Dieter is a very creative person. He created a certain kind of aesthetics towards his simplified products. He is very focused on creating products that are of importance to the world and have value to society. I feel like this drive makes him even more creative because he’s focused on making the next best thing. This interview of Dieter Rams really inspired me to follow his values of design.



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