Creative Products

1. The first product I found to be creative is the Solar Powered Window Socket. This electrical outlet can be attached to any wall and then powered by sunlight. I think this is creative because it allows one to charge devices in any setting, such as on a plane or in a car ride. This device is simple, yet easy to use.


2. The second creative product is the Twist Bike by Jose Hurtado. This bike is creative to me because it incorporates ingenious elements of poetic and pragmatic design that I’ve never seen before on a bike. I love how this hubless bike can be reversible as well as turned into a tandem bike.


3. The Resource Furniture Company creates many creative products for the living room and bed room. Their main focus is to create a piece of furniture that is multifunctional- it can be used for a certain purpose as well as save space. I think their methods of minimizing space from a large object is a really difficult task.


4. I thought this Spiral Burner for the kitchen was a creative and unique concept for cooking, because it took the old ideas of a gas burner and created more efficient dials and control knobs for the heat settings. Most stoves these days have various sized burners, but this idea allows all burners to be the same yet customizable for heat.


5. The Canadiano is a creative solution to personable coffee brewing. I think this coffee brewer is creative because it gives the consumer a fun experience when making coffee every morning. The form and material used for this product were also creative choices that aren’t usually seen on the market today. This brewer works placing coffee grounds on top of the metal filter and then pouring hot water over the grounds.Image


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